Telenet for Business

Telenet for Business markets professional telecom services to corporate customers in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Telenet’s business customers mainly comprise small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with a workforce of up to 100 employees. However, larger companies in the government, health and education sectors and carriers such as international voice, data and internet service providers can rely on this operator. Using a combination of coax, DSL and fibre optic Telenet has the flexibility to offer services to business customers across Belgium and parts of Luxembourg, irrespective of the Telenet coax network footprint. The main difference with the competition lies in both the quality of service and coax connections. For SMEs the advantage of coax lies in the greater bandwidth; for larger companies in redundancy based on the unique combination of coax and DSL or fibre optic.

Customer satisfaction as distinguishing factor
Customer surveys show that Telenet for Business distinguishes itself on the market with a highly customer-oriented approach, combined with the high-tech quality of its solutions.