Telenet Foundation


The aim of the Telenet Foundation is to help bridge the digital divide experienced by vulnerable people in our society.
By setting up a sustainable collaboration with non-profit organisations, the Foundation is primarily helping young people, for whom it has not been so easy to keep up with the changes in digital technology due to socio-economic or medical reasons, to familiarise themselves with contemporary information and communication technology.

External project campaign
Every year, the Telenet Foundation supports initiatives run by non-profit organisations to bridge the digital divide in a sustainable way. These projects run both nationally and internationally. Since 2011, the King Baudouin Foundation has been managing and guiding the Telenet Foundation external project campaign. Both foundations share a common goal and wish to make a sustainable contribution to achieve a greater sense of justice and respect for diversity. 
Make time for others!
The staff programme entitled ‘Make time for others!’ is another major undertaking of the Foundation. This programme was launched on 21 June 2011 and offers Telenet staff the chance of asking for support for organisations in which they themselves are working as volunteers, and this independently from the internal project campaign. Another option is to use the annual team building activity for volunteering work. Finally, Telenet staff can also take part in in-house campaigns set up by the Foundation for socially relevant causes, such as the 1,000 km for Fight Against Cancer or preparing the Samusocial Winter Plan for the Homeless in Brussels. 
Follow the business
In addition, the Telenet Foundation, jointly with all the various departments within Telenet, is looking for structural solutions to support the running of social projects. 
In conjunction with Telenet for Business, the Foundation is providing children in hospital with laptops and an internet connection through the My Zone project. 
Telenet uses the LBG model (London Benchmarking Group) to map it’s support to social organizations and charities. The LBG model allows to measure and manage the social involvement of a company in a standardized way. More detailed information can be found in this PDF.
Want to learn more?
More information on the Telenet Foundation can be found in the annual report or on the website of the Telenet Foundation.